Global Product Marketing Manager

The Why

We’re looking for a tech-savvy Product Marketing Manager who will be responsible for driving go-to-market activities, competitive and customer intelligence, and messaging and positioning of the clients products.

As a Product Marketing Manager, you will be based in their brand new head office in Sydney, alongside their amazing marketing, growth and design teams. It is your job to work closely with these teams to decipher the technical how-to of our product, craft value-oriented messaging for customers, and launch their new products and feature to the world (including their global teams in the US and the UK).

The Product Marketing team may be young within this organisation, but they have lofty ambitions, so together we’re looking for someone to come in, take ownership of the role, and help them build a world-class Product Marketing function.

The What

  • Global Go-To-Market Strategy: Own the go-to-market strategy for new products and features across Australia, UK and US markets. Including competitive analysis, messaging and positioning, sales enablement and customer communications to drive uptake and utilisation.

  • Go-to-Market Process: Manage cross-functional stakeholders during the go-to-market process to ensure the business is ready to sell, support and market the product or feature at the time of launch.

  • Product Communication: Work closely with the product and marketing teams to distil and synthesise technical information into simple, compelling content. Including internal messaging and positioning documents, and customer-facing content such as blogs, email and website content.

  • Product Utilisation: Leverage in-app (Intercom, Pendo, Appcues) and traditional (email) comms tools to develop campaigns that drive product utilisation with existing customers.

  • Competitive intelligence: Maintain and manage competitive intelligence and comparisons by working with cross-functional stakeholders and executing self-lead research.

  • Voice of the customer: Conduct customer and market research to intimately understand our customers. Use this knowledge to champion our customers internally.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Utilize strong analytical abilities to inform all decisions and recommendations with robust data.

  • Manage KPIs: Monitor and improve key KPIs: New feature uptake, product utilization, revenue retention, ARPU, referral/advocacy and NPS.

The How

We understand there’s not always a clear path to Product Marketing, and the best Product Marketers come from all walks of life. That said, ideally, you will have some of the following experience:

  • 5+ years of hands-on experience with Product Marketing or Product Management.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, or a related discipline

  • Additional desirable skills:

    • Experience in product or marketing management in the SaaS environment, or a keen interest in the SaaS space.

    • Experience leading cross-functional projects with tight project deadlines.

    • Working knowledge of marketing communication tools like Hubspot and Intercom, and CRM tools like Salesforce.

    • Ability to write simple, compelling copy, or work closely with a copywriter to refine content.

    • Basic understanding of Wordpress a plus (for blog management)

    • Familiarity with the principles of NPS, CRM and ABM


The Who

  • Storyteller, with technical understanding: You have the ability to make the complex simple and the simple compelling. You must be able to work closely with the product engineering and design teams to understand the technical detail of a product or feature (the how) and translate this knowledge into beautiful, simple messaging that is immediately understood by customers and stakeholders (the why).

  • Cross-functional leader: This role works at the intersection of sales, marketing and product, so excellent communication skills are vital. You’ll need to know how to work with, and align these teams, and be able to lead each group toward the same goals to deliver effective results in a fast-paced environment, while under tight deadlines.

  • Data-driven decision maker: Data should be at the heart of every decision you make, so your analytical skills and ability to work with the data team will be crucial to success.. Without data, a recommendation is simply an opinion!

  • Expert communicator: You’re a people person and a diplomat that’s equally as humble and empathetic to the needs and challenges among various teams involved in the execution of them. The ability to forge strong bonds and work collaboratively with key internal partners is imperative.

  • Naturally empathetic: A good product marketer has deep empathy for customer pain and is passionate about solving customer problems. Simply knowing the customer isn’t enough, you must intimately understand their every thought.

  • Thrives in ambiguity: Given product marketing as a whole is hard to define, the day-to-day of a PMM can be, too. Being able to navigate an unstructured environment is a must in order to find and act on opportunities to improve the customer’s experience. You must be able to connect dots strategically across departments and objectives, test and validate ideas, and come up with out-of-the-box approaches to solving problems.

  • Proactive problem Solver: Product marketers need to be masters of overcoming learning curves without any hand-holding. You will have a fierce hunger for knowledge and appreciation for experimentation, and be skilled at developing systematic ways of testing new ideas to overcome friction.