Good Folk’s founder Jessica thrives on ‘making the match’. Offering someone their dream opportunity or introducing a talented individual to a busy client. It’s this that makes her tick – she’s got serious industry knowledge and the contacts to match. 


What makes a Good Folk …

When Good Folk was founded in 2018, we were determined to create a strong values-based business with a great work environment.

The Good Folk culture is founded on five core values that every Good Folk lives by: Heart, Authenticity, Excellence, Accountability and Drive.

Not only are these principles important to us internally, we only work with clients and candidates that share our commitment to these values.

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‘Changing lives for the better’

At Good Folk we care about our people, our clients, our candidates and our community, and we believe in making positive change wherever possible. The team have a foster mindset, we believe in fostering the unique awesomeness of each individual, giving back, and genuinely looking out for each other.

We feel a huge responsibility for the future happiness of candidates and clients, so having ‘heart’ is at the centre of our actions.

We also want to create an internal culture of collaboration, friendship and ultimately, happiness and we want to help others achieve the same. We spend so much of our lives at work, so let’s make it meaningful and have a purpose, with people we like, know and trust.

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‘Be honest in everything you do’

Be open and transparent always! Our purpose at Good Folk is for our Folk to reach their highest potential, this is both in our clients’ businesses and in our candidates’ careers. Only in authentic relationships can we all achieve our greatest potential.

Having authenticity as a guiding principle makes it easy for us to make decisions quickly based on knowing the right path to take.

We accept that sometimes the consequences of being genuine and authenticity us means that we won’t always fill a role or win a dream account. Essentially, we believe that being open and honest make for the best relationships and those are the only ones worth having.

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'Delivering a top-notch recruitment experience'

We strive to lead the industry in the way we do business, with our expertise, our continued education, and our commitment to the ‘Good Folk Standard’. We continually invest in our people, our process and our technology. We innovate to deliver efficiently to our candidates and clients. We are passionate about continuing education and tracking performance. Our aim is to not only deliver the world’s best recruitment experience but also to make it an enjoyable experience resulting in the perfect match.

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‘Be personally accountable ’

Good Folk operate in an open and supportive environment, made possible by an accountability to each other.

We are committed to quality and constantly seek feedback from the people we work with, our colleagues, our business partners, our clients and our candidates.

We define our success by the happiness of the people we work with and the success of our candidates and their contribution to our clients’ businesses.

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‘Dream big and make it your reality’

We have the energy and determination/ drive to continually move forward being the best version of ourselves! Good Folk embody each of the Good Folk values of Caring Heart, Authenticity, Excellence and Accountability, and we strive to live these values each and every day.