Back End Developer


The Why

This digital product company, specialising in building a range of awe-inspiring digital products for customers around the world ranging from branding & visual design, mobile apps, user experience, high-end web development and tying it all into the internet of things. They develop with a strong focus on design-led thinking producing innovative and stunning apps with amazing, behind-the-scenes code.

They’re looking for a talented Backend Developer with a passion for technical innovation and a flair for stakeholder management. The age of JavaScript is upon us so come join this awesome team as they tackle frontend, backend, middle-end (where the hobbits are) and everything in between. You know, like mid-front end. They want someone willing to pick up the reins on Node.js and help take our "Sauce" MBaaS to the next level

The What

  • Javascript / TypeScript backend development is and will remain your first love

  • Node.js, and other JS-based development

  • Relational and NoSQL database development

  • Working closely with our clients and building trusting relationships

  • Attending client workshops and working with our Architects to build flawless systems for beautiful products

  • Working with our mobile and frontend developers to create beautiful REST APIs

  • Backends for games, iBeacons, Taxi Apps, Video Conferencing, Fintech - we build it all

The How

  • There's REST for the RESTful

  • Great experiences are made of stunning interfaces & clever code

  • All JavaScript code is not created equal (or is that ===)

  • Bleeding edge can cut both ways

  • Experience with Node.js and bonus points for GraphQL

  • The best products are a combination of design, code and a dash of love

  • CV to the top of the stack if you include existing sites, web apps or GitHub repos so you can show us what you’re made of